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Sun, Jan 28


Skåne, Sweden

ORACLE FIELDS - A group training and circle for feminine wisdom and self-leadership

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ORACLE FIELDS - A group training and circle for feminine wisdom and self-leadership
ORACLE FIELDS - A group training and circle for feminine wisdom and self-leadership

Time & Location

Jan 28, 2024, 7:00 PM – Aug 26, 2024, 7:00 PM

Skåne, Sweden, Torupsvägen 278-9, 233 92 Svedala, Sverige

About the event


A group training and circle for feminine wisdom and self-leadership. January-August 2024. 

Offered as a series day-retreats in a beautiful forest outside of Malmö.

Dear woman,

I speak to you who are feeling the stirring. That the feminine is up on her sweet strong legs. She is rising and her heart is pounding. Reaching for us to come home. To soften yet be firmer than ever before. To stand for and as the sacredness that life is. To embody the wise and the wild. 

This is an invitation for you who longs to be in a field of wisdom, love, magic and power. It will be deeply nourishing and deeply activating. Imagine a devoted group of women in a potent container where we journey together over time. Where we practice the art of finetuning, widening and trusting our perception. Taking loving action on that knowing. Attuning to our souls, bodies and the field in between us. And with that accessing wisdom and aliveness. By using both modern and ancient knowledge and practices for expansion, awakening, self-actualization and deep rooting. While also enjoying, celebrating and relaxing deeply. Immersing ourselves in beauty, ceremony and rituals.

In the times we live in, it is crucial to know how to center oneself, prioritize and be discerning about what we give our time, energy and attention to. As the sea of information, news and impulses are coming our way at a rapid speed. This training will support you to re-imagine the future you are creating for yourself and those around you. Tune into inspiring possibilities. To lead with embodied wisdom and qualities that are life-affirming and non-oppressive. And with that inspire and impact any field you step into. This is how we change the dominant culture. By speaking about and being what we long for. This reclamation process needs our time, sensing and reflection.  So we can get clearer and formulate what our value oriented, soul- and heart-led life looks like. And what not.

I´m calling out to all woman who sense they are here to be a lantern and advocate for feminine wisdom and leadership based in love, reverence and awareness. 

We will explore themes as:

  • Soul. Your unique essence, longings and values you care the most about. Your niche and contribution.
  • Wisdom and deep knowing. States of expanded awareness, receptivity and intuition. Perspective-taking and nuance.
  • Eros. The life-force energy that fuels us with passion and meaning. That lits us up from within. Makes us want to create, contribute and express. To enjoy pleasure in our own bodies.
  • Power, courage, agency, inner authority, desires and freedom.

I like to imagine this as the school we never went to but wished we had. A mystery school of modern times. The community, support and guidance we should have gotten as growing girls and woman, but most likely did not get. 

Our day-retreats will include

  • Meditations and guided exercises.
  • Embodiment practices and movement.
  • Ceremonies and rituals.
  • Sharing rounds and deep reflections.
  • Time outside in nature. Contemplative walks in the forest.
  • A deeply restful yet vitalizing space for you to rejuvenate and remember what is truly essential to you right now in your life.
  • Unplugged, screen-free and undisturbed time. Silence and delicious spaciousness. Pause from daily obligations and noise.
  • A community of soulful and ignited woman. Belonging, inspiration and support.

We work with three main principles for transformation

  • We do state practices. That is spiritual and embodied practices that bring us into our most grounded, open and receptive states. With the understanding that a regulated nervous system, inner coherence and balance is the ground for wisdom, inspired action and intuition to arise.
  • We integrate and digest our experiences. Make space and room for past experiences, insights and learnings that are still not fully settled and embodied in our being and person.
  • We dream, vision, pray, listen to emergent processes. We dream our future in to form. Dialog with our soul. Listen to the guidance from life itself, source and the local field and place we are living in. What is in becoming and asked to be expressed through you.

By committing to being in this group field and doing psycho-spiritual practices you can expect

  • A stronger sense of your inner essence and the GPS system inside of you that tells you what is right, true and good for your unique soul.
  • Feeling and connecting to a deeper wellbeing, love and ease in yourself. Can be called Self-energy. A core frequency that stays intact no matter what is going on inside and around you.
  • Accessing expanded states of awareness, trusting the pulse and intelligence of life/source.
  • Increased aliveness and creativity.
  • To feel more centered and courageous as you nourish and focus on your soul's path and core values.
  • Increased access to delight and pleasure in your body.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead


Josefines home and sanctuary which is an old well-kept skånegård just outside of Malmö. Here we are greatly held and supported by the peaceful land and forest. Allured by the strong and tender roses, as their season arrives. And we have fire! Both inside and outside. To warm us, to ignite us and to remember the alchemical processes of life.

Cat allergy? In the house we have two cuddly cats.

Adress. Torupsvägen 278-9, 233 92 Svedala

How to get here. With local transportation you can take the train or bus to Svedala or Bara. There will be a communication tread available for checking shared rides.

Dates. We meet 6 times once a month on Sundays. We will start in January 2024 and end in August 2024. 

Following dates:

28/1, 25/2, 24/3, 5/5, 2/6, 25/8

Time: 13-18. Come in good time so you have time to settle in before we start at 13.00

In between our meetings you are encouraged to continue with suggested rituals and practices.

Investment Early bird 5900kr until 30/11. Late bird 6200kr

Limited spaces available. 

If it so happens that all the participating women have Swedish as mother tongue, the training will be held in Swedish and not English.

Note. This training is not suitable for people who are feeling emotional unstable at the moment and have a hard time regulating their emotions. 

About your host and guide Josefine Yrjans

I am a woman, mother, mystic, clinical and developmental psychologist.

Here to serve and support the activation and awakening of our hearts and soul´s lights. I´m bridging modern psychology with ancient spiritual traditions. I work in my own company, Living In Attunement where I offer psychotherapy, coaching, courses and retreats.

Something is cooking. I am brewing a potion. I am sensing. I am smelling. Where the scent of the rich deep feminine is leading my right now in my life. And it´s not for me to do alone. It is an intimate communion, collaboration and a weaving between my own sweet soul and the source of it all. Let the sacred dance begin! And you too are welcome to join in. How good can it be and how deep can we go? Are you also curious to know? If so,

warmly welcome into the field of oracles. It will be an honor to meet you!

With courageous love and deep reverence,



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